Where is Stacy Arthur today? Her death rumors explored

Stacey Arthur

The second episode of The Playboy Murders explores the shooting of Stacy Arthur’s husband, James Arthur, by one of her fans. Stacy was Playboy’s Playmate of the Month for January 1991: the edition featured Stacy’s nude pictorial and centerfold and a photo of her on the cover. 

1991 started triumphantly and ended calamitously for Stacy. James Lindberg, a fan Stacy conversed with often via Playboy’s 900 telephone line, appeared at her apartment and shot James Arthur fatally as he attempted to leave. Before the police arrived, Lindberg shot himself in the head. 

In 1992, Stacy alleged that she was raped and sodomized at the Playboy mansion by a butler and two security guards.

Stacy Arthur’s whereabouts are unknown; some reports claim she died in April 2019

Stacy Arthur left the public limelight after falling out with Playboy. Her whereabouts are unclear, and some unverified reports claim she passed away in April 2019. 

Playboy severed ties with Stacy after she accused three Playboy employees of sexual assault. Stacey sued the magazine for $70 million, claiming Playboy’s inaction led to her husband’s death and the sexual assault she allegedly endured. 

The three Playboy employees who Stacy accused claimed they had consensual sex with Stacy. “We don’t deny there was sexual activity involving Stacy at the Playboy mansion,” Bill Farley, then Playboy Enterprises director of communications in Los Angeles, told The Toledo Blade

“She has accused several employees of rape even though a very thorough investigation found that there was no evidence of any sexual assault.” Playboy fired the accused employees as having sex during working hours violated company policy. 

The outcome of Stacy’s civil action against Playboy is unclear.