Where is Steve Glew now? His farm life

Steve Glew

When you think of an illegal smuggling operation, PEZ dispensers aren’t the goods that come to mind. Yet, Steve Glew reportedly made $4.5 million illegally shipping PEZ dispensers from Europe and selling them in the United States. His story features in the Netflix documentary The Pez Outlaw

Jim Blaine, of the most prominent PEZ collectors worldwide, told MLive: “The movie was so tastefully done. He’s essentially a thief, stealing from Pez, but in the end, you’re rooting for him. He’s just a farmer trying to provide for his family, wanting to take care of his wife and two kids.”

Steve Glew lives with his wife on a 20-acre farm in Dewitt, Michigan

Steve Glew returned to farming after his PEZ-smuggling operation crumbled. He lives with his wife on a 20-acre farm in Dewitt, Michigan. 

At the height of his enterprise, Glew made millions. However, by the time PEZ Candy Inc. forced him out of business, he had a $250,000 debt and rooms full of dispensers that he couldn’t sell. 

PEZ Candy Inc. outsmarted and outsold Glew by replicating his prototypes and selling them cheaper. Glew tried to reduce his prices but couldn’t keep up with the company’s sales. 

In 2010, He attempted to make money by selling his story. A movie deal with Warner Bros. fell through, and Playboy Magazine wrote a feature about his life but didn’t compensate him. 

Glew finally managed to monetize his story when Netflix contacted him about creating a documentary. “We just knew that this was an amazing story,” Amy Bandlien Storkel, one of the film’s directors, told ABC News

Glew has steadied his finances and seems to enjoy working on the farm. Glew has reportedly signed a book deal, which could bring in more income. Glew is a retired thief who still profits from his outlaw era.