Streaming Safely: 8 Awesome Tips to Secure YouTube TV Watching

Do live streams still resonate now? You bet. Until now, live broadcasts are something that can entertain, give food for thought, or just feel involved in the life of society. The pandemic has played a role in the rise in popularity of streaming events on YouTube. But that doesn’t mean you’re getting the most out of YouTube and YouTube TV. In fact, 37% of consumers find livestreams to be the most engaging type of content. Our tips will help you optimize this process and protect yourself from any virtual harassment.

How to Secure YouTube TV Watching and Become a Streaming Master?

1 Family Sharing

Your YouTube TV account can be used by up to 5 people. They all act as independent accounts with their own lists of favorites, likes, and history.

To begin setting up Family Sharing, open the YouTube TV app, click on your profile photo, and select Settings. From there, navigate to Family Sharing and follow the prompts provided.

Please note that the primary account used to sign up for YouTube TV must be a regular Gmail account, not a Google Suite account.

2 Watch YouTube TV Abroad

YouTube TV is region-restricted, so content may vary depending on your region. If you are unlucky, you can watch YouTube TV online with a very limited library. However, you can watch YouTube TV globally if you learn how to change your virtual location. To make YouTube TV think you’re in the US or another region, you need to install VeePN. It has 2500+ servers and most of them are located in the USA. Just connect to one of the servers and you can easily watch YouTube TV anywhere in the world.

3 View Only Kid-Friendly Content

When you’re relaxing at home with your family and you want something suitable for kids, YouTube TV has got you covered. Whether you’re cuddling up for a family movie night or giving the kids some TV time alone at home, you can ensure they only have access to age-appropriate content. Here’s how you can make it happen:

  1. Go to the Settings.
  2. Open the Filter tab.
  3. Look for an option to toggle on that says “Allow TV-Y…” Activate the setting and only safe content will be available to children.

4 Restricted Mode

To hide inappropriate content on YouTube, you can utilize Restricted Mode as a separate option from the “Not Interested” function. This single setting is available on all devices, including smart TVs and tablets. On your phone or tablet, access your account profile, go to General, and click the gear icon for Settings. Simply switch on Restricted Mode. Remember, signing in to your Google account is necessary unless you’re using a smart TV. With this feature, you can effectively manage videos for children of all ages, including teenagers. Restricted Mode can also be used with a supervised account for your child.

5 Use a VPN While Streaming

Any of your Internet connections can be hacked and it doesn’t matter whether you want to watch an episode of your favorite TV series or just read the news on the Internet. A VPN allows you to encrypt data and hide your IP address, without which hackers cannot attack you. At least it protects against many types of threats. If you have a laptop, you can even use a no download VPN as a browser extension. VeePN has a free extension for Chrome, Mozilla, Edge, and other browsers.

6 Delete Browsing History

Do you enjoy indulging in a cheesy drama when you have the house all to yourself? We understand. There’s a simple way to keep your guilty pleasures under wraps: delete your search and watch history.

Here’s how you can do it:

  1. Go to the Settings page.
  2. Open the Privacy tab.
  3. There are different settings available here to delete your browsing history, you just need to select the appropriate ones.

The best part? It won’t affect your recommendations anymore. Whatever you watched before, after clearing your viewing history, it will all be forgotten. You will not be shown recommendations based on your past viewing preferences.

7 Supervise Your Child’s Account

YouTube introduced supervised accounts on its platform in 2021, providing parents with a beta mode to access this feature. These accounts operate exactly as they sound. Initially, they were designed for kids under 13, but now they also include older teens.

Parents can set content ratings. There are 3 general categories: Explore, Explore More, and Most of YouTube. Each of them corresponds to a certain age. The first mode is the most limited, and the last one offers the most content. Just keep in mind that the settings apply to other YouTube services as well.

8 Manage YouTube with Google’s Family Link app

YouTube is a Google product, as is Family Link, an app for managing content and monitoring your kids’ screen time. This is a simple version of parental controls that can be quickly set up on the device without creating separate emails, etc.

With Family Link, you can connect new or existing Google accounts for your child. If your child is under 13, you can register a new account and use parental controls and supervision. For children of any age, you can apply parental controls and supervision to their existing accounts. However, consent from your child is necessary to activate parental supervision for their account.


YouTube TV has tools to protect your viewing, and these tips have shown you that. Not all of the above are security-oriented, but they all help you use the service more efficiently. However, even these tools do not provide complete security and you need additional applications, like a VPN, that can do what YouTube TV cannot by default.