Who are Taj Bradley’s parents? How his mom raised three sons in Atlanta

Taj Bradley

Taj Bradley had a major league debut to remember, guiding the Tampa Bay Rays to their 12th straight victory to start the season. In five innings, Bradley struck out eight batters and allowed three runs. 

The loudest Taj Bradley fan, his mom, Ana Mosley, was in the stands keeping score, as she has done since Bradley’s first baseball game. 

Taj Bradley’s mother raised Bradley and his two brothers in Atlanta

Taj Bradley's parents?
Taj Bradley/Twitter

Taj Bradley was born in Los Angeles, California, on 20th March 2001. When he was four, Mosley moved to Atlanta with him and his two brothers. Bradley’s biological father is not mentioned in his interviews, suggesting he wasn’t involved in the pitcher’s life. 

Bradley shares a close bond with Mosley. He told MLB.com that she is his most significant off-the-field influence:

“I’ll always say it’s her [Mosley]. We moved to Atlanta when I was four, her and my two brothers, and it was just us for the longest time. Seeing how she raised us, how she kept her composure and the things she instilled in us to make us who we are today, it was huge.”

Mosley taught Bradley responsibility, which aided his transition from living in a family home in Atlanta to a solitary life in Tampa, Florida. Bradley told The Tampa Bay Times that Mosley bought him three notebooks; one for pitching assessments; one for motivational quotes; one for daily off-field lessons. 

“I’m kind of old school,” Bradley said. “I got like a $13 pen off of Amazon. I feel like if I’m going to do it, do it big, right?”

Bradley, in tears, called Mosley via FaceTime to inform her of his impending MLB debut. The mother-son duo cried together as the realization that Bradley would achieve his dreams sunk in. 

Watching from the stands, Mosley continued her tradition of recording Bradley’s scores. It earned her social media fame.