Is Tammy Bruce gay? The controversial author’s sexuality detailed

Tammy Bruce

It’s hard to imagine that Tammy Bruce was once a liberal. As the head of the Los Angeles chapter of the National Organization for Women in the early 90s, Bruce was one of the loudest liberal activists in the country. Today, she attacks the Left she once championed ceaselessly as a contributor on Fox News and in her Association of Mature American Citizens column. 

Tammy Bruce said she is bisexual but identifies as a lesbian

In 2006, Tammy Bruce told C-SPAN she was bisexual but identified as a lesbian.

Bruce is very secretive about her love life. Her only confirmed relationship was with the late actor Brenda Benet. Bruce was 17 when she started seeing Benet, who was married to actor Bill Bixby. The couple moved in together after the death of Benet’s son and her divorce from Bixby. 

Benet died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound two weeks after Bruce moved out. Bruce arrived at Benet’s residence for lunch to find the house empty and the guest bathroom locked. Authorities discovered Benet’s dead body after breaking down the door. 

Bruce and Benet kept their romance private – the world knew Bruce as Benet’s ‘personal secretary’. Bruce told The Los Angeles Times in June 2002 that she chooses romantic partners poorly. She mentioned an ex-partner who dumped her after she was fired by LA radio station KFI. 

Bruce said that her sexuality and political views were independent entities. She wrote in The Guardian that she considered conservatives more welcoming of LGBTQ+ people than liberals:

“So, when it comes to my comfort level as a conservative who happens to be gay, here’s what I know: while many conservatives are people of faith and their religion promotes a very different point of view than mine on homosexuality (and a few other things!), I have found conservatives to be more tolerant, more curious, and more understanding of those who are different to them than I ever did when ensconced in US liberal leadership.”

Tammy Bruce is synonymous with the word controversial: she rarely missed an opportunity to irritate her political opponents. In April 2015, she cautioned LGBTQ+ people against being ‘fascists’ over a contentious Indiana law. “We saw this with Chick-fil-A, everybody came to Chick-Fil-A’s defense when they were under attack by fascists, by bullies—the gay liberals have turned into bullies,” Bruce said.