Did Tembi Locke remarry? All about her second husband

Tembi locke

From Scratch on Netflix is an adaptation of Tembi Locke’s memoir of the same name, which looks at the beginnings of her romance with a Sicilian chef in Italy, their wedding, the start of their family in the United States, and the tragic end to their relationship. 

Despite sticking to reality, From Scratch’s showrunners changed the characters’ names. Locke changes to Amy, and her Italian husband Saro Gullo goes by Lino in the film. As Lino passes away in the movie, he asks Amy to keep living and fall in love again. At that point, Amy feels incapable of loving anybody other than Saro. 

Tembi Locke married a man named Robert during the coronavirus pandemic

Tembi locke and Robert

After Saro passed away in 2012, Tembi moved on with life but experienced difficulties establishing romantic connections. In 2016, she met Robert, and despite some hesitation, she started opening up to him. On 22nd March 2021, Tembi dedicated the following message to Robert. 

“I can see now that I must have enlisted the whole universe to allow your beautiful love to find me. The angels surely conspired. Because we met in the very month that is fraught with memories and loss. Yet, I looked up and you were there, a new sliver of light shining through.”

Robert and Tembi were due to marry in late May 2020. However, the coronavirus pandemic forced the couple to suspend marriage plans. “The commitment is still the same,” Tembi wrote on Instagram on 23rd May 2020. “The show will find another way to go on when the time is right. Uncertainty can’t overshadow love.”

The wedding happened in July 2020, with only three people in physical attendance: Tembi, her daughter, Zoela, and Robert. The officiant, Tembi’s father, and family members followed the ceremony via Zoom. 

Locke told Spectrum News 1 she had doubts about holding a virtual ceremony, but it ‘ended up being incredibly, strangely intimate.’ She said:

“Yet the idea of being in limbo and postponing it indefinitely also didn’t feel well. And so the three of us — my daughter, my new husband, and I — got together and we decided you know what, it’s about making the commitment to each other, and so we said let’s just go for it.”

Tembi expresses her appreciation and love for Robert, who isn’t on social media, via Instagram. On 16th March 2022, Locke described Robert as an undeniable gift. She continued:

“We didn’t know we’d become a blended family navigating the innumerable firsts that come with love after loss. But there have also been sunsets at the beach, music under moonlight, trips to new favorite places, and tiny acts of big love.”

Locke said she felt her late husband’s presence on the set of From Scratch

Tembi and Saro

Saro passed away over ten years ago, but her impact on Tembi’s life has never faded. One of the things Robert did during the early stages of his relationship with Tembi was read From Scratch so he could understand the bond between Saro and Locke. 

On 28th March 2022, the 10th anniversary of Saro’s death, she wrote on Instagram that Saro lives in her heart, their daughter’s soul, his friends’ kindness, and the memories of family. She continued:

“Your love comes to us all like a calling. May that love always find us when we need it most. May the inspiration of your life be a light in the darkness. May your joy remind us to love fully and to ferret out life’s beauty in every tiny detail.”

Tembi and her sister, Attica, told TODAY that they felt Saro’s presence on the set of From Scratch. They said that some strange coincidences pointed to Saro’s company at the shoot; for instance, without guidance, the Italian location scouts picked a filming location next to Tembi’s actual apartment in Sicily. She said:

“It’s literally the exact piazza I lived in. The place where Lino stands in the rain is the exact place where Saro stood. I didn’t tell them, ‘Go to this piazza and look.’ These are the kind of ways that made me think, ‘Saro’s hand is very much at the spiritual level of orchestrating this.’”