The Marked Heart ending explained: Where is Camila?

The Marked Heart

The latest telenovela addition to Netflix is a story about love, sacrifice, and organ trafficking – something we don’t come across every day. As with all telenovelas, the season is filled with unexpected plot twists and some over the top acting. The season also ended in a cliff-hanger where viewers were both baffled and amazed about the fate of Camila (Ana Lucía Domínguez).

 Caution – Major spoilers ahead

Valeria is kidnapped and killed

The season begins with a car driving along an empty road. Simon (Michel Brown) and his wife Valeria (Margarita Muñoz) had been coming home after their anniversary celebrations before they get into an accident. The wife is rescued and taken captive by organ traffickers. The season later reveals that Valeria was abducted to remove her heart and place it inside the fiancée of Zacarias, Camila.

A distressed Simon alerts the police and follows Valeria by hijacking a car, but the search comes to a dead end after he realises that the phone has been left out.

Meanwhile, the traffickers shoot Valeria and take her to a food warehouse, but the doctor notices that she is still alive. He injects a drug and kills her before extracting her heart. The leader of the trafficking operation, Mariachi, later dumps the body in a lake.

Simon and Camila start to bond together 

A few days later, Simon receives a phone call alerting him about the location of Valeria’s body.

Meanwhile, Camila’s transplant of Valeria’s heart is a success, but she keeps getting nightmares of Valeria’s memories. She tries many methods to track down the identity of the donor who she doesn’t know. Knowing the risks involved if Camila uncovers the truth behind her heart, Zacarias (Sebastián Martinez) orders his bodyguard to spy on Camila.

However, Simon and Camila cross each other’s paths at a concert and they both start to bond. Unbeknownst to Camila carrying Valeria’s heart, Simon takes her to the usual places he would take Valeria. Camila experiences déjà vu around all these places; especially in the pizzeria and Simon’s house.

Meanwhile, Simon’s daughter Samantha (Valeria Emiliani) starts an affair with Tomas, a boy whom she saved from a cocaine overdose.

Newfound information about Valeria makes Simon get revenge 

Simon later finds out that Valeria was pregnant and sets out to find the traffickers despite detective Renteria’s warnings about the potential dangers.

Simon tracks down Karla, the anonymous caller who provides him with the names of those involved in the incident. He disguises himself as a customer wanting an organ and later as an unemployed thug to find his wife’s killers. 

Meanwhile, in the election race for the Colombian presidency, Zacarias advises his client Braulio Càrdenas, to get married to boost his public image. Camila’s mother, Greta offers to be the bride.

Mariachi’s boss Sarmiento also approach Zacarias to make a deal with Cardenas. Sarmiento promises Cardenas that he will make him win the election in exchange for his support of the organ trafficking business.

Camila makes a shocking discovery 

After visiting Simon’s house and meeting his kids, Camila finds out that their mother had been murdered for her heart. She starts to understand what happened and she hacks the computer of the doctor who did the transplant. The computer confirms her suspicion that she has Valeria’s heart. This newfound information makes Camila doubt the authenticity of her feelings for Simon.  

Meanwhile, Sarmiento offers Zacarias damaging information on Julia Moncada, Càrdena’s opponent, in exchange for the Ministry of Foreign Commerce. The trafficking gang also kills Karla after it was revealed that she tipped Simon off.

Zacarias confronts Camila about her affair with Simon and her visit to the doctor’s office. Camila then reveals about Valeria and her death and threatens to go to the police. Zacarias confesses that he did everything out of love and convinces her that going to the police can put everyone in danger.

Overwhelmed by her emotions, Camila tells everything that happened to Greta who is supportive of Zacarías. She advises Camila to protect Zacarias by remaining silent.  

Camila visits Simon while Samantha is held captive

Camila visits Simon to confess to him what had happened, but she faints in the shower after he sees her surgical scar and inquires about it. He takes her to the hospital where she is treated as a suspect by Detective Rentería. Zacarías and Símon confront each other about the murder and the affair. 

Meanwhile, Garabato and Roja who are part of the trafficking ring rush into the house of Tomas, Samantha’s boyfriend. They give Tomas three hours to clear his debt and keep Samantha with them as blackmail. They both later attempt to rape Samantha after sending Tomas to get their money. Samantha with her grandfather manages to shoot Rojo dead while Garabata escapes.  

Meanwhile, Símon infiltrates the organisation as Checo, a versatile man on the hunt for a job. Mariachi employs him to replace Rojo. 

Later, Mariachi’s thugs catch Tomás and make him lure Sam into a trap. They decide to harvest her organs as revenge for killing Rojo and bring them both to Sarmiento. Simon then recognizes Samantha.

Simon saves his daughter before they are betrayed 

Simon manages to save Tomas from being shot and they both manage to save Sam whose organs were about to be extracted. Simon manages to finally kill the doctor who was running the operation and detectives Bracho and Renteria shows up in time to arrest the members.

However, in an unexpected twist, detective Renteria kills a police officer and frees all the criminals after Mariachi had taken his family hostage. They search for Samantha and Simon at the pizzeria but are cut short by detective Bracho.

Meanwhile, Camila informs Zacarias that she has given the police a complete statement about Valeria’s murder and his involvement in it. But Zacarias plans on getting out of the allegations after taking advantage of Braulio’s presidency.

Braulio wins the presidency, and he kicks Sarmiento out of the party who surrenders the whole trafficking ring to the police.

Where is Camila?

Later, Camila visits Simon to tell him the truth and they both agree that they don’t understand their feelings for each other. Camilla also talks with Simon’s children and tells them that she is living with their mother’s heart.

Camila fakes her death and leaves for another country, informing only Simon and his children. However, the season ends with Zacarias receiving a video from Sarmiento, showing Camilla in another country.

Netflix had confirmed a second season to this tale, meaning that there is more to come about Camila’s whereabouts.