The real Peppa Pig’s story — All about the show’s alleged dark side

Peppa Pig

Peppa Pig, the popular children’s animated television series, is known for its portrayal of a happy family of British anthropomorphic characters. The cartoon’s titular character, a “loveable but slightly bossy” little female piglet, is a household name for any home with young kids.

Created by an independent animation studio named Astley Baker Davies, Peppa Pig’s startling yet consistent growth in more than 180 countries was unforeseen by its creators. But the rather harmless kid’s show has received its fair share of controversies over the years. Perhaps, one of the most bizarre discussions around it has to be the alternative backstories which are unsettling, to say the least.

Key Takeaways

  • According to the Wattpad writer Yuki Sazuki, the real-life inspiration behind Peppa Pig was a little girl of the same name who had a tragic death at the hands of her parents.
  • The story describes similar and unfortunate backstories of the other characters in the show.
  • Another infamous story about Peppa Pig states that the real Peppa was an abused girl who had lived and died in Tennessee.

An alternate backstory by Yuki Sazuki claims that all the animals in Peppa Pig were based on real people

The most well-known alternative backstory of Peppa Pig is the one put forward on Wattpad by a fanfiction writer with the username ‘animegeek00’, whose real name, as reported by The Mirror, is Yuki Sazuki.

Yuki’s Wattpad profile mostly features alternate stories of children’s movies written by her under a compilation titled “Time to ruin your childhood”. In her story about Peppa Pig, she alleges that she met the producers of the cartoon show when she was twelve after her cousin won a ticket to visit the studio.

She said that a producer had given her a secret file that was not to be opened in front of anyone and she had been instructed to burn the file after reading its contents.

“I forgot about it until very recently. When I was cleaning out my house, I stumbled across this file and I read it. I was shocked. It told me how Peppa Pig had really been started. That all of the animals were based on dead children. Within the file, it gave me the ways the children had died,” she wrote.

The story goes that Peppa was a real girl who was euthanized by her parents

The file contained an ominous backstory about the real Peppa who inspired the cartoon show. It claimed that the character of Peppa was based on an actual child: a very sick little girl called Peppa whose chronic illness compelled her to spend most of her life in a hospital.

Peppa’s inability to lead a normal healthy life saddened her parents and they ultimately decided to euthanize her to put her out of her misery. As Peppa went to sleep one night, her parents injected her with poison which took her life.

“This causes Peppa to want to be a fairy as her last dream was about fairies,” Yuki continued.

But the story does not stop there and continues to get worse. In the aftermath of their daughter’s death at their hands, Peppa’s parents are consumed with guilt and are unable to tell the truth to their son George who always wondered where his sister went.

Daddy Pig and Mummy Pig

After struggling to overcome his guilt and grief, Peppa’s father (the equivalent of Daddy Pig) commits a murder-suicide in his home. He kills his wife and son with a knife before taking his own life.

Yuki’s account also details the grim “real” lives of other characters in the Peppa Pig universe

Yuki’s story also provided details into the unfortunate backstories of the other characters in the show’s universe.

For instance, Suzy Sheep was said to be a happy little girl who loved riding her bike and wanted to be a nurse when she grew up. But she died in a tragic accident at the hands of an oncoming truck driven by Mr. Zebra. Apparently, this is the reason why Suzy Sheep is sometimes seen wearing a nurse costume in the show and why she and Mr. Zebra are never seen together in a scene.

Mr. Zebra loses his driving license and job, forcing his family to live and die on the streets while Mummy Sheep, unable to recover from the trauma of her daughter’s death, spirals into alcohol and drug addiction and eventually dies of a drug overdose.

Other incidences include Pedro Pony being bullied and drowned by his classmates and Madam Gazelle and her students dying in a classroom fire.

The world of Peppa Pig was imagined by Peppa’s schizophrenic grandma who was the last remaining member of the family

Grandpa Pig also dies after being crushed by Peppa’s treehouse and Grandma Pig is the only surviving member of the family.

“Grandma Pig was the last person to die out of all these people. In fact, this is all in her imagination. Grandma Pig is schizophrenic and is also taking multiple drugs. All of the characters of Peppa Pig are all of her loved ones. Grandma Pig is a widow, in grief and fully alone,” Yuki wrote.

grandma pig and grandpa pig

Grandma Pig’s schizophrenia caused her to hallucinate a happy world where all her loved ones were alive and well.

“She told her one and only friend, Patrik, who was mostly out and about with show biz. Because of this, he is Mr. Potato. When Grandma Pig died (much like Mummy Sheep), Patrik went to Nickelodeon and thus, Peppa Pig was made into a show.”

Yuki concluded her story by saying that she “never knew that such an innocent show could be based on something so cruel and wrong” and swore off watching Peppa Pig.

However, The Mirror reported that Suzy Sheep and Mr. Zebra had appeared together in a 2007 episode titled “Sleepover” and it further debunked the claim that Peppa Pig was created by Nickelodeon and stated that the show initially aired on Channel 5 in 2004 and only moved to Nickelodeon in 2011.

Another dark story about Peppa being an abused child in Tennessee began on Reddit and later gained traction on YouTube

There is another story about Peppa Pig being an abused girl who lived in the woods of Tennessee. It especially gained traction among YouTubers, with some even thinking it to be the actual backstory of Peppa Pig. However, this particular story was written by the Reddit user ‘Banana04’ in 2013.

The user had posted the story titled “Truth behind Peppa Pig” on the ‘Nosleep’ subreddit.

“Peppa Pig lived a very sad life. She lived, I don’t know somewhere in the dense woods of Tennessee. She had mentally unstable parents, and grew up with many medical conditions, including schizophrenia,” wrote the user.

According to the story, Peppa was a little girl abused by her cruel parents who gave her the nickname “pig”. Peppa was also made to believe that she was an actual pig to the extent of her imagining other animal friends in her life. While she was mistreated, Peppa’s parents, on the other hand, loved her younger brother George and did not abuse him like they did Peppa.

As Peppa realized the difference in treatment, she was enraged and attempted to kill her brother by beating him to death. When her parents discovered what she had done to their only son, they locked her in the basement to starve.

The tragic story of Peppa was exploited to turn it into the kid’s show it is known today

The story took a turn when a lost man in search of inspiration stumbled upon the family’s house and decided to spend the night with them. The parents, having forgotten all about Peppa, let him stay in the basement. The user wrote:

“This is where he met Peppa. She was sitting in the corner and mimicking the sound of a pig. She was fairly young about five or six still knowing much vocabulary the man said that he would help her and if she would tell him her story, he would make everything alright. But this wasn’t the case.”

Surprisingly, the man did not help Peppa and decided to profit off the tragic story of the abused little girl he met as the story continued:

“He planned to turn this into whatever he could, then sell it to a company to make a TV series out of it. She told him her sad, sad story. And he gave all of the animals’ names, and turn it into a kid’s program. This girl I mean, Peppa died weeks after the show was aired.”

Nonetheless, despite the harrowing tale of Peppa’s past life, parents can rest assured that there is no truth to this backstory because the story was simply a creative post made on the “Nosleep” subreddit which is a forum for amateur writers to share their fictional stories.

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