Is The Tender Bar streaming on Netflix?

The Tender Bar

The Tender Bar represents George Clooney’s attempt to bring out J.R. Moehringer’s young life in film. George adapted the movie from Moehringer’s memoir with the same name. Tye Sheridan plays the young Moehringer as he searches for a father figure in uncle Charlie’s bar (Ben Affleck).

Tye grows up guided by his uncle and the bar’s patrons, who more than make up for the dad-sized hole in his life. George Clooney’s directorial efforts have been hit-and-miss, but it’s uncertain where The Tender Bar lies. The film has divided critics, with some praising the story and others criticizing the film’s lack of excitement. We’d say it’s worth a watch. 

Is The Tender Bar streaming on Netflix?

The Tender Bar is not streaming on Netflix. The film was released theatrically in mid-December 2021 before heading to Amazon Prime in early January 2022. 

It’s unlikely that Amazon will hand streaming rights to a direct competitor. 

Where is The Tender Bar streaming?

The Tender Bar is available for streaming on Amazon Prime.