Where is Tila Tequila today? Revealing the fallen star’s bizarre new life

Tila Tequila

Tila Tequila is among the original social media personalities to take off in the pre-YouTube and Instagram era. At one point, she was the most famous person on the internet after gaining popularity on Myspace. She leveraged her fame to land reality shows, magazine covers, and a dedicated fanbase for her musical endeavors.

Tequila retreated from the public eye following a series of controversies. The list of her outrageous antics is lengthy and confusing but the gist of it boils down to her admiration of Adolf Hitler and Neo-Nazi tendencies. Ever since Facebook and Twitter banned her account, there have been few updates about her. So, where is she now?

Tila Tequila has a new YouTube channel dedicated to evangelical beliefs and Illuminati conspiracy theories

Sometime around the late-2010s, Tila Tequila became a born-again Christian and rebranded herself as ‘Tornado Thien’ after her birth name Thien Thanh Thi Nguyen. Claiming that God saved her from ‘satanic agents’ and self-destruction, she pronounced her old self as dead.

After going on an antisemitic and homophobic tirade on her YouTube videos, her channel Tornado Thien Wife of Christ was terminated for violating the site’s hate speech policy.

In 2019, she started two GoFundMe campaigns, one for moving into a new house and the other for financing her next ‘gospel album’. Despite receiving backlash from many donors, Tequila raised more than $5000 with her first GoFundMe in February and pledged to move into a new and furnished home with the money.

Her second GoFundMe operation was carried out in the following month of March in the hopes of raising $30,000 to fund her gospel album. However, she was only able to raise less than $6000 and has yet to release the promised album. She wrote:

“God told me that he would like to see me go after my dreams of becoming a singer again, but this time it would all be for his kingdom! I feel like there aren’t enough wholesome and inspirational music out there and there aren’t enough gospel songs that I can find that is powerful! So, I have decided that I’m just gonna put some out on my own, but I’m going to need your help!”

As of now, Tequila is active on her new YouTube channel that goes by Queen Esther (TilaTequilaOfficial) and posts multiple videos daily. She creates highly edited content centered around evangelical values and the conspiracy surrounding the Illuminati.

Compared to her old work, her new content gains very few views and traction. It is also worth noting that viewers have expressed their discomfort at her unusual and slightly delusional behavior with some questioning the state of her mental health.

Tequila has two daughters from separate relationships – She is married to a secret man and lives in Texas

On November 16, 2014, Tequila and rapper Thomas Paxton Whitaker gave birth to their first daughter Isabella Monroe Nguyen. But the couple had already split the year before and Tequila raised Isabella as a single mother.

Tequila, who lives in Texas, got married to a secret man in early 2018 and welcomed her second daughter Annabelle Aniyah Nguyen in the summer of the same year. However, she became embroiled in a custody battle with Whitaker over their daughter Isabella in September 2018.

Whitaker was living in Georgia at the time and claimed that Tequila barred him from visiting Isabella. He also accused her of child neglect and sought to have primary custody of his daughter with Tequila exercising supervised visitation rights. Moreover, this was not his first custody case against her.

In 2015, Whitaker had attempted to fight for Isabella’s custody before dropping the case to sort things amicably. Coincidentally, it was the same year when Tequila posted a picture of Isabella dressed in a Hitler costume, much to the public’s distaste.

Tequila naturally denied the accusations and questioned his real motives for the sudden custody battle, saying that he was ‘just jealous’ of her new marriage and child:

“If all of his claims against me are true then why did he wait four years to finally do something about it if my daughter Isabella was in fact, in danger or neglected? How can she be neglected when I stay home with her every day and we live with my parents who also help to take care of her?”

Nevertheless, things worked out for the best in the year-long custody litigation. In December 2019, Tequila and Whitaker settled on joint custody of their then-five-year-old daughter and agreed upon Tequila gaining primary physical custody.