What is Trey Yingst’s ethnicity? The reporter’s upbringing detailed

Trey Yingst

Trey Yingst is a Fox News correspondent currently reporting on the Hamas-Israel conflict. Yingst, who has reported from multiple war zones, told Forbes that he still doesn’t understand why people resort to extreme violence. He mentioned that children are the biggest victims of war, an assertion proven by the Hamas-Israel war. “They [kids] are extremely vulnerable,” Yingst said. 

Trey Yingst is white; he was born in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

Trey Yingst was born on 10th September 1993 to Debbie Lee and Jed Yingst in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. Yingst is white. 

The journalist hasn’t talked much about his parentage and life growing up. However, in late November 2022, he announced the passing of his mother and mentioned that she was a social worker. Yingst wrote on X:

“My mother, Debbie Yingst, passed away on Thanksgiving day. She was an incredible human who taught me so much about empathy and selflessness. She spent years as a social worker and loved helping people. In her honor, I’d ask that you do something kind for someone today.”