Vampire in the Garden: the ending, explained

Anime Vampire in the Garden

Netflix’s latest anime series, Vampire in the Garden, has given another spin to the vampire-human culture and scenario. The show brings a new and unique storyline in vampire themed content. It tells the story of a human and a vampire who form a deep friendship when the last of humanity is at war with the vampires.

From the makers of Attack on Titan and Bubble, the show with just 5 episodes of under half an hour packs an emotional storyline.

This article contains several spoilers, so proceed carefully!

The Human-Vampire Duo

Momo is a young officer in humanity’s last army. The daughter of the commander, she has trouble assailing vampires, because of which she is assigned an administrative role. However, in her last mission, she finds a musical box which lets out a mellow and hauntingly sweet tune. She keeps it a secret because humans now consider entertainment a leisure of the vampires.

On the other hand is Lady Fine, the vampire queen who has boycotted taking blood after a trauma in her past. Viewers are shown snippets of her past but never the full story. Everyone is worried about her- from her friends to the Elders. However, when vampires plan a war against humans, she participates to stop things from getting out of hand. And that is where she meets Momo, who’s run away from her constricting life.

Through destiny, both of them form an immediate connection and they run away together to find a paradise where vampires and humans live together in harmony.

What Does The End Say?

In just 5 short episodes, the series gave an emotional, heartbreaking as well as a hopeful ending. After numerous hurdles and trying to fend off people who don’t understand them, Momo and Fine still hold out hopes to find their paradise.

In a brutal faceoff between the two creatures, Fine gets extremely hurt and isn’t able to heal herself. Momo helps her escape to a secluded place where she tells her about her past. After narrating her story, Fine makes Momo promise that she’ll not stop looking for and find their paradise, whether she is here or not.

The Post-Credits Shot

In the post credits shot, we see a beautiful place with a big house surrounded by greenery, where young and old humans and vampires seem to be in a jolly atmosphere. It also shows a now-grown-up Momo holding a baby in her arms and thanking Fine for the paradise.

Is There Going To Be Another Season?

Vampire in the Garden wraps up a complex series in just about 2 hours, and although the series involves complex jam-packed characters and story, it is a delight to watch. There has not yet been any comment from either Wit Studios or Netflix about whether it is renewed for a new season or cancelled. In their review about the anime, Den of Geek commented about the same thing;

“The ending is hard-earned and feels just right, though it is hard to imagine what could happen in a second season, if there is one.”

It is currently unclear, but if there is ever a second season, it might focus and elaborate on how Momo found the paradise and what the secret is about the harmony present there.