Where is Victoria Lindsay today? Her family life

Victoria Lindsay

The March 2008 attack on Victoria Lindsay shocked the nation due to its severity and brutality. Lindsay was lured into a former friend’s house, where a group of girls waited in ambush. The girls alternated between taunts and physical abuse, pummeling Lindsay so mercilessly that she lost consciousness. 

After the 35-minute assault, Lindsay was forced into a car and dumped at another location. Her abusers threatened her with another beating if she reported the assault. 

So proud were Lindsay’s abusers that they posted a video of the beating on social media, providing prosecutors with enough evidence to file charges and secure convictions against them. 

Victoria Lindsay lives with her partner and son in Florida, where she works as a product analyst

Victoria Lindsay and her family

Victoria Lindsay lives in Orlando, Florida, with her partner and son, who appear regularly on her Instagram page. “Beyond blessed for my amazing partner and son,” Lindsay captioned an April 2022 Instagram post. “I love you Landon Matthew Lindsay.”

Lindsay, a biomedical engineer, works as a product analyst at Aviation Management Associates and is a qualified dental assistant. According to Lindsay’s Instagram bio, the former cheerleader is also an investor in real estate.

Victoria said she suffered ear and eye damage during the savage attack

Eight months after the attack, Victoria Lindsay told Good Morning America she thought she would die. Lindsay opined that all she could do was try to protect herself as she couldn’t fight back against the mob. She explained:

“I thought I was going to die, honestly. I couldn’t fight back. There was too many of them. So my only thought was just to protect myself and not to hit back and try to move, like, away when they were punching.”

Lindsay lost consciousness during the attack after one girl repeatedly slammed her head into a wall. “It’s really unreal for me, how my friends could turn on me… and do that to me,” she said

She was taken to the Lakeland Regional Medical Center for a concussion and damage to the left side of her face. Lindsay’s father, Patrick, told Good Morning America that she couldn’t recognize her daughter:

“When I stepped into the room the nurse said she was at, I peeked around the curtain and seen a girl laying there in pretty bad shape and I left the room. I didn’t know it was her.”

Lindsay said she suffered ear and eye damage: “The only thing I don’t like is… my eye. It’s still kind of blurry. But I think glasses may help that.”

Lindsay viewed the psychological impact of the assault as more concerning than the physical damage. She said her ability to trust had diminished. She explained: “It knocks it down and it breaks it apart. And it’s hard for me. I get kind of scared when I’m in situations where I don’t know certain people.”