What is Vika Abbyaeva’s ethnicity? Her Eastern European origins

Vika Abbyaeva

Whichever way you look at it, Vika Abbyaeva is the star of Bling Empire: New York. The most talked about moment of the series is her turning down Richard Chang’s wedding proposal. 

In the show, Chang describes Vika as the ideal woman for him. He says: “In the last couple of years, I’ve probably been easily on a thousand dates. I had to try a lot of different flavors in order to know what I actually like. But then, I met Vika.”

Vika Abbyaeva is half-Russian and half-Kalmyk

Vika Abbyaeva was born on 12th June 1995 to Russian and Kalmyk parents. The Kalmyk people are a Mongolic ethnic group living in the Kalmykia republic of southwestern Russia. 

We couldn’t find any information about Vika’s parents or life growing up. Unverified reports claim that she hails from a wealthy family. 

Vika is reportedly a model based in New York. Her Instagram page shows that she enjoys traveling – it’s filled with vacation photos taken in, among others, Greece, Miami, Mexico, Spain, and Los Angeles.