Viking Wolf: Netflix’s werewolf flick’s ending, explained

Viking Wolf

Viking Wolf is the story of a hellhound in Norway who’s become active again and wreaks havoc in the small town of Nybo. The movie starts with an ancient tale of Vikings led by Gudbrand to Normandy where they find a wild wolf.

They bring it with them on the ship but as the ship reaches the shore, all the on-board Vikings are dead. Let’s see how this tale relates with the ending.

Spoilers Ahead!

A troublesome time for Thale

Thale feels like a misfit in the town of Nybo after her life in Oslo. She moved here with her police officer mom after the death of Thale’s father. The mother-daughter duo has a problematic relationship together as they live with Arthur, her step-father and her little sister Jenny- who can’t speak.

Jonas, a school friend, invites her out one evening to the Bay and she’s the center of questions. Elin Gran, the mayor’s daughter, takes Jonas away to talk. Thale, feeling excluded, roams the woods and comes across the pair arguing about her presence in the middle of the forest.

Thale is just about to leave when she hears Elin’s scream and sees her and Jonas bloody on the ground. As soon as she reaches to help her, she is attacked too and Elin is dragged away into the forest.

A police investigation ensues

The police reach the scene and search it. Jonas is quiet and Thale doesn’t speak much either. Liv finds a broken wolf nail in a branch and bags it. Next day, all those at the Bay are called to give a statement but nothing conclusive comes to surface.

Liv wants to send in a hunting party to shoot the wolf but there are town procedures. Soon, Elin’s badly clawed body is found and a veterinarian is hired to help. The marks and cuts are those from a wolf, but of a bigger than normal size.

A person comes in search of Liv one day, Lars Brogin, who tells her that it’s a werewolf and it can only be killed by a silver bullet which he gives her. Liv doesn’t believe it at first but it changes once they go hunting. Meanwhile, Thale’s bruise from the attack is getting worse, with her senses heightened.

The hunting or are they being hunted?

The police go into the woods with professional hunters to kill the wolf. But there they find another body- of an asylum seeker. 2 men are kept at guard while the other three go deeper in a cave they find, finding another body.

Outside, the wolf has come and killed the 2 men on guard. It reaches the cave and injures the sheriff. Liv is in the cave and shoots at the wolf, lastly shooting with the silver bullet. From the veterinarian’s examination, it’s concluded that the silver bullet killed the wolf- almost like a chemical reaction.

Lars tells them that to stop the werewolf, its whole bloodline needs to be severed- even those attacked.

Thale sees the effects of the attack wound

One night while out with Jonas, Thale looks up at the full moon and feels a howl escaping. Her body reacts the same way like a wolf and kills Jonas. She ends up in her garage and even her facial features have changed to a wolf’s.

From the wounds of Jonas, the vet finds traces of wolf and human DNA. Thale sneaks out at night and boards a bus to Oslo but she transforms into a wolf in a frightening scene and injures multiple people. Liv reaches the scene and figures out that it’s her daughter.

The werewolf goes to her home and just as it’s about to attack Jenny, it stops. Arthur uses the time to dodge it and run, crashing into the side of the road from unconsciousness.

The ending- does Liv kill her werewolf daughter?

The werewolf kills the people near the bar where Jenny was. As people are fleeing the scene, Jenny goes to the wolf and tries to convey that they’re sisters and she’ll take care of her through signs. By then, Liv reaches the scene. They run to a shop and then Lars Brogin comes and rams his truck in there, hitting the wolf. He is killed and the wolf attacks Liv, finally tranquilized by Jenny.

The wolf is held at the forensic lab and Liv talks to it. She tells her daughter she’s there. Liv points her gun to the wolf and the scene cuts there. In the ending scene, we see Liv leaving the station and at home, she places a silver bullet in front of Thale’s picture.

This could mean that she might not have killed her, letting her be free. She might be looking into a way to reverse the process. The town might not be free or safe of wolf attacks but she didn’t have her daughter’s murder on her conscience.