How did Violet Flowergarden die? All we know

Violet Flowergarden

Violet Flowergarden, a YouTuber famous for playing Star Stable Online, died on 17th January 2023. Flowergarden (real name: Sophia Dinverno) launched her channel in 2013, gradually growing her following to nearly 200K. The videos on her page have racked up millions of views. 

Sophia’s love for online horse games stemmed from her equestrian lifestyle. Her obituary reads: “Sophia had a special love for horses and became an accomplished young horsewoman. She competed in numerous equestrian events throughout Michigan with her beloved horse Lola. When she wasn’t at the barn, she was making videos for her successful YouTube channel.”

Sophia’s family said she died ‘unexpectedly’ but didn’t release the cause of death

Sophia’s obituary states that she ‘passed away unexpectedly’ – her specific cause of death remains a mystery. Violet’s family will celebrate her life on 28th January 2023 before burying her at St. John’s Cemetery. 

Tributes have poured in from fans and members of the gaming community. @EmilyxGoldenX tweeted

“Just found out Violet Flowergarden passed away. In tears and disbelief rn. She was such a light for the SSO community and was loved by so many. Rest in peace, lovely. I hope you’re galloping through the fields with Lola & pumpkin rn.”