Von McCray’s story — The truth behind his medical condition

Von McCray and Andrea McCray

We’ve seen people go to incredible lengths to gain social media fame. Some attempts are plain stupid, while others border on bizarre. One of the latest genuinely shocking attempts to trend on social media involves Von McCray and his wife, Andrea McCray. 

Sadly, Von McCary appears to be a victim of his wife’s seemingly insatiable desire to trend. Von has been in a coma since mid-May 2022, but Andrea doesn’t seem concerned about her husband’s health. She appears to be milking the tragedy for internet fame. 

Before she made her TikTok account private, we saw Andrea upload photos and videos of Von, but none of those posts showed empathy towards his situation.

Von, an ex-marine, shares one child with his wife of 8 years, Andrea McCray

Marvin ‘Von’ McCray is a 29-year-old ex-marine who got discharged from the Marine Corps due to a knee injury. Andrea ‘Dre’ McCray is a social media influencer who gained her following by posting makeup tutorial videos.

According to a police report, Andrea and Von have been married for approximately eight years. The pair share one child and raise two older children from Andrea’s past relationship.

Andrea told police that the couple’s marriage worsened after Von started seeing a therapist in 2019. Von allegedly became verbally abusive, forcing Andrea to leave the residence until he calmed down. 

However, she denied that the pair had arguments, referring to their fights as disagreements. Dre said she advised Von to see a specialist, but she wasn’t sure whether he had booked an appointment. 

Andrea caused controversy when she started advertising a controversial vegan diet that included herbs like kratom and kava. Kratom is technically legal in the United States, but the FDA hasn’t approved it for medical use. The DEA has listed kratom as a Drug and Chemical of Concern. 

Von McCray is in an irreversible coma after allegedly attempting suicide

According to Dre, she and Von had a disagreement before he stepped outside. After a while, she checked on him and found him hanging in the shed. Andrea cut the rope, called 911, and performed CPR as instructed by authorities. 

Andrea didn’t inform Von’s family and friends about his condition. Instead, she posted videos of Von having seizures. In one popular video, Dre failed to help Von as he had a seizure, preferring to finish filming her video rather than assist her struggling husband. 

Posts on the Facebook page ‘Exposing Dre McCray’ claim Von has seen several specialists who’ve concluded that he will likely never recover from his coma. Dre allegedly believes he will wake up but keeps denying advice from registered dieticians, insisting that her methods will bear fruit. 

Von’s family and friends learned about the coma and suicide attempt through social media. Von’s parents rushed to see their son, but Andrea denied them access to Von. 

Andrea posted a video of her telling a hospital security guard not to allow Von’s parents inside the facility. It’s unclear why Dre blocked Von’s family from seeing him. 

Her life hasn’t changed much as she continues posting on Facebook and TikTok. She’s shown little compassion towards her husband and appears to revel in the attention his sad case has attracted. 

Netizens suspect Andrea’s hiding something about Von’s condition

The #justiceforvon is trending on social media as netizens urge police to investigate Andrea. Fans suspect that she somehow contributed to Von’s medical condition. 

@Auntkaren01, a social media influencer who’s put a lot of effort into popularizing Von McCray’s story, posted a Twitter photo of the police report alongside the following caption: “Every part of me is saying ‘she did it.’

@cindy654321 posted a thread highlighting Andrea’s suspicious behavior. She suspects Andrea poisoned Dre with an undetectable poison:

“The police need to dig deeper into this situation and have her arrested for murder because poisoning someone is a crime. She poisoned him with a medication that isn’t traceable. Dre McCray may think she is clever and thinks she’ll get away with what she did. She won’t.”

“She needs to be stopped and arrested before she continues the same pattern to someone else.”