Welcome to Eden: the ending, explained — Did Zoa escape the island?

Welcome to Eden

The latest Spanish thriller addition to Netflix will continue to keep you at the edge of your seats; both at the end of each episode and the end of the season cliff-hanger. The thriller series, created by Joaquín Górriz and Guillermo López Sánchez takes the reader on an adventure at a mysterious island called Eden. The series ended in a cliffhanger where a participant named Zoa had to make a grave choice.

Caution: Major spoilers ahead!

Zoa is picked to travel to a party happening on an island 

The series starts by introducing the viewer to Zoa (Amaia Aberasturi) and her sister Gaby (Berta Castane). Zoa receives a mysterious text message from an anonymous source asking if she is happy. After responding, she gets invited to a party happening on a remote island called Eden designed to promote a new drink called Blue Eden. 

After accepting the request and getting her best friend Judith (Ana Mena) on board, they all were later taken on a bus and transported to the island by security guards whose faces were covered.  

During the party, five invitees were offered a taste of this new drink which included Zoa, Aldo, Charly, Ibon, and Africa. The drink was spiked, and they were all drugged. The five of them later wake up to see the others gone where the chief organizers of the party, Astrid (Amaia Salamanca), and her husband Erick (Guillermo Pfening), tells them they were left behind due to bad weather. 

The couple promises the boat would return within two days and invites them to try the hospitality of the island. 

Aldo is killed while trying to escape 

Astrid throws a party to celebrate the invitees’ last day on the island where Charly and Zoa are manipulated to drink another Blue Eden. They both start hallucinating. 

Meanwhile, Aldo finds Charly and reveals to him that he had found a way out. But Charly is too hallucinated by the effects of the drink. Aldo leaves everyone behind and gets on a boat. However, he comes across Brenda while escaping, who is another employee that works for Astrid. She shoots him in the face with a gun, killing him instantly. 

Meanwhile, Nico, an employee working on the island convinces Zoa to stay back and live with him. They both later get intimate with each other. 

Zoa locates Judith’s dead body

Africa decides to stay on the island forever and signs a contract. Ibon too is forced to sign the contract. 

Meanwhile, an employee named Bel had planned on staging a coup against the couple of Astrid and Erick and she gets worried about Zoa. She informs Eloy to steal Orson’s security clearance card. Eloy manages to steal the card after sleeping with him and Bel manages to sneak into Mayka’s control room. 

Bel realizes from the database that Aldo had failed his evaluation to be on the island which was the reason behind his murder. Ibon and Africa had passed theirs, but Zoa’s evaluation was still pending. 

Zoa convinces Nico to help her find Judith and Aldo. He takes Zoa to a cave with showed Judith’s body lying around. The series later reveals that Judith was chased by Orson and Brenda who later killed her and threw her off the cliff. 

Meanwhile, at home, Gaby contacts David, a guy who had been at the party for more information. Ibon’s parents hire a private detective to locate their son.  

Zoa gets saved from a murder plot

Gabi meets David who reveals that Zoa had been chosen to drink ‘Blue Eden’ and he was not. He also reveals that he was dropped back from the island and Zoa was not. 

Bel manages to find Zoa and reveals to her the truth about the place. She reveals that Nico was her link, a romantic ploy used by Astrid to manipulate her to stay inside the island. Bel also tells Zoa to stay away from Nico. 

Astrid and Erick meet with Zoa and decide to kill her. During the conversation the couple has with Zoa, Brenda attempts to shoot her with her gun. But she is stopped short by Astrid after Zoa reveals that she can change. 

Zoa then attempts to stab Nico, but Claudia prevents her from doing so. 

An innocent Claudia is killed

Claudia reveals to Zoa that Bel is going to rebel against Astrid and that Zoa should stay away from everything that will happen. She also advises her on her escape plan which is to sneak into a boat during the next festival. 

Meanwhile, Gaby finds David’s wristband and it lights up when she wears it, giving Mayka a notification that a wristband had been activated. 

During the 15th anniversary party of Astrid and Erick, a message appears on the screen saying, “Death to Astrid.” They all hold a meeting to find the person responsible and they pick Claudia as the culprit although she is innocent. Later, Brenda and Orson kill Claudia.

Zoa is inducted to the island while David is killed

Zoa along with Charly, Africa, and Ibon go through the grueling induction program where they have to walk over hot coal to be enrolled on the island. They all manage to pass. 

Meanwhile, in Barcelona, the private investigator meets Gabi and she declines to help him. David is later captured by the island security guards. They threaten to kill his mom if he didn’t give the information. David reveals about Gaby and the guards later kill him. 

On the island, a masked assailant sneaks into the house of Erick and Astrid using the key card of Ulises. He gets into a fight with Erick and stabs him before running off. Astrid then takes Erick to Issac, the small boy Zoa saw on the island one day. 

Did Zoa escape at the end?

Issac starts treating Erick’s wound and Astrid promises Issac that they all will survive the island and escape soon. Bel tells Zoa that she will provide the oxygen tanks needed for the escape. 

While the guests arrive for the next Eden festival, Africa sneaks inside the apartment of Astrid and Erick and finds a secret passageway. She uses the passageway and goes into a control room and she pushes a button. The button activates a machine that sends a warning signal to space. 

Issac informs Erick that the signal had been activated while a terrified Africa tries to escape the room, but the elevator locks, and she gets trapped inside. 

Meanwhile, at the festival, Eloy cuts the power, and Zoa and Charly implement their escape plan. Zoa is then attacked by Ulises who tries to kill her, but she is saved by Ibon who manages to drown Ulises. Zoa manages to swim to the boat for safety. 

The season ends with Zoa seeing Gaby on a boat that is arriving on the island for the next festival. 

The season ended with some unsolved mysteries. The viewers still don’t know what the antenna that sent the signal to space does, who is behind Erick’s stabbing, and the role that Issac plays. Although Netflix hasn’t confirmed a second season yet, we believe that it will only be a matter of time before the announcement.