What awaits fans in the Siege version of the popular Rainbow Six by Ubisoft

What awaits fans in the Siege version of the popular Rainbow Six by Ubisoft

Rainbow Six is ​​a cult series about the actions of police special forces in various missions against terrorists of various levels. Siege is an esports format in which players fight in 5 vs 5 teams and claim R6 rank boosting if they defeat the enemy team by the number of rounds and good statistics of kills and assists. If you kill a little and die more, and then also lose rounds, then on the contrary you will receive a reduction in rank.

What awaits fans in the Siege version of the popular Rainbow Six by Ubisoft

General idea

R6 is a shooter in which, in a series of rounds, a special forces squad and a group of terrorists come into confrontation, in which the bandits have already planted a bomb in the building, and the police must deactivate it.

You will have many means and tools to storm the game building or defend it.

These are barricades, reconnaissance drones and camera hacks, sledgehammers, explosives and simply powerful weapons.

You need to distribute your forces among all team members in order to complete your tasks and accumulate rounds, each team will have the opportunity to play both attack and defense.

What awaits fans in the Siege version of the popular Rainbow Six by Ubisoft

Destroying everything

In R6, each player can directly interact with the game card to influence the outcome of the match.

You can destroy walls, break through roofs, break out windows using weapons, explosives, or using a sledgehammer in case the enemy has strengthened them with unique skills.

This provides a variety of tactical solutions for both teams and adds new, variable methods for assaulting and repelling attacks.

Storm in different ways

When you play on the side of the special forces, you will have the task of destroying all terrorists, or defusing a bomb using a diffuser.

To do this, you will have a large variety of actions, you will be able to:

  1. Organize a simultaneous assault from the roof, through windows and walls after their destruction.
  2. Completely reconnoiter the territory and select approach routes and weak defenses.
  3. Slowly and systematically lure out enemies and destroy them one by one.

Remember that enemies will have the ability to strengthen parts of the walls and to break through them, you will need to have an agent with tools like a sledgehammer or explosives.

Think over your defense

When you play as terrorists, you need to repel the special forces assault and prevent the diffuser from being installed, or destroy it if it was activated, and then you will have a better opportunity to get your boost in Rainbow Six Siege.

  1. Think over the most vulnerable points and strengthen them with 10 special beams that cannot be destroyed with simple weapons.
  2. Distribute forces in the building to control 3-4 entry points, but at the same time you must have a quick rotation in case of a breakthrough and good reconnaissance to understand whether the main assault is underway, or whether it is a diversionary maneuver, and you need to remain vigilant and not take hasty decisions.
  3. Take closed positions; during an assault, you should see the attacking enemies before they see you, and until the last minute keep it unclear for the enemy, starting to shoot at the right moment.
  4. If you wish, you can take risks and go from defense to attack in order to destroy some of the special forces and increase the likelihood of winning the round, especially if you eliminate more than one player and safely return to your position. This tactic will not always work, because the attack often works together, but it will give you a good chance of surprising enemies if it is not used often and comes as a surprise to the enemies.

Agents and equipment

Rainbow Six Siege does not have a procurement system, but it is possible to choose your agents who have connections to well-known police units and mercenaries who are represented in the ranks of terrorists.

The most famous agents for rank boosting in R6:

  • Jäger is an active agent for defense, can deploy a system that will intercept grenades and explosive shells launched by the enemy.
  • Mute is an electronics specialist who jams and suppresses enemy reconnaissance drones and cameras.
  • Tachanka is a machine gunner agent who can deploy a launcher to lay down suppressive fire on enemies.
  • Ash is a mobile agent who uses his grenade launcher to destroy walls and other fortified defense points from a great distance.
  • Thermite – works with various explosives, destroying and clearing passages for the entire group, and is capable of burning through even reinforced barricades made of metal and armor.

Each hero will have his own unique weapon – it could be a p90, M4, AK, shotgun, and so on. An agent should also be selected based on all factors and weapons, including because a player may have the perfect skill and a strange weapon like a shotgun – some are comfortable playing with it, but others are not.

Conclusion on the main features of Rainbow Six Siege for beginners

R6 is an alternative for all players who like CS GO and the opportunity to play in a team to fight for rounds and boosting in Rainbow Six Siege.

You will play rounds with a change of sides as attacking special forces and fighting terrorists in order to defuse the bomb, or vice versa, to save it.

You will have access to almost complete destruction and strengthening of the building in which the battles will take place and most of it can be destroyed using conventional weapons and special skills and explosives, or a sledgehammer.

Master the tactics of playing defense and assault to regularly receive a rank boost in R6 and constantly try new agents, of which there are quite a lot on the Ubisoft project.

Constantly try new agents, because they differ in weapons and combat capabilities and have different gameplay, which will add variety to your matches and boosting in Rainbow Six Siege. By the way, all rating matches take place only in the format of defusing bombs – hostage release and other modes are available only in regular matches.

Links and materials that were used in writing the article

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  • https://www.ubisoft.com/en-gb/game/rainbow-six/siege/game-info is the first guide that beginners should read, because it was created by the developers from Ubisoft themselves.
  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7f-9RYFv5BM&ab_channel=Garfieldisdoc – general mechanics that players should watch to better understand the gameplay and key features of Rainbow Six Siege.