What happened to Doughboy? All about the ‘Street Outlaws’ star’s disappearance from the show

Joshua Day

Apart from the well-known racer, JJ Da Boss, Discovery Channel’s Street Outlaws also spurned another major star. Unsurprisingly, it was JJ’s eldest son, Doughboy (real name Joshua Day), who inherited his father’s knack for street racing. Soon enough, the Memphis racing family got their own show Street Outlaws: Memphis.

Yet, despite the show’s popularity, its rising star, Doughboy, abruptly stopped appearing on the show’s latest season which aired in mid-2021. Similarly, there is no trace of him on social media as his last Instagram post was on April 23, 2019. Nonetheless, the show continued without his presence for twelve episodes.

Doughboy has apparently sustained an injured disk on his back that has left him unable to appear on Street Outlaws: Memphis

As a fan favorite, Doughboy’s absence from the fifth season of the show generated curiosity and discourse among viewers about what had happened to him.

While there is no concrete evidence about his whereabouts, JJ Da Boss, Doughboy’s father and fellow member of the cast confirmed later in the show that Doughboy had an injured disk in his back after reportedly being involved in an accident in 2021, states The Sun.

However, Doughboy’s prolonged absence from the show gave birth to numerous rumors about the real reason for his non-appearance from the show. Moreover, the continual appearances of his wife, Chelsea, and family in the season, and their silence on the matter implied that something was amiss regarding his disappearance.

Therefore, it is not known whether Doughboy has permanently left the show or is set to return to it anytime soon.

Speculations about alleged legal issues and incarceration regarding Doughboy’s absence has been making the rounds among the show’s viewers

Despite JJ’s confirmation, Doughboy’s apparent medical issue has been questioned by avid followers of the show. In a Reddit thread discussing his whereabouts, some eluded that he was embroiled in legal issues that prevented him from being on Street Outlaws as a user wrote;

“I heard he had some legal issues that kept him from doing the show. And the reason his wife is around is that she is Precious’ sister.”

On the other hand, some speculated him to be serving time in jail for unknown misconduct and believe that the story about his back injury was a cover-up. But for now, there is no confirmation about the jail claims assumed about Doughboy.

Previously, Doughboy had met with a car accident during the run of the reality show’s second season and it is possible that he has met with another accident and sustained injuries that have rendered him incapable of racing and filming. Yet, some viewers claim that he made a brief appearance at the end of season five’s seventh episode though it was never confirmed by the show.