Who are Austin Majors’ parents? All about his family

Austin Majors

Austin Majors, the child star who played Theo Sipowicz in 48 episodes of NYPD Blue from 1999 to 2004, died on 11th February 2023. TMZ reports that Majors died in a homeless housing facility in LA. Authorities haven’t released an official cause of death. 

Majors seemed destined for a long career in film and television, but his career fizzled out after leaving NYPD Blue. He guest-starred in several shows, including ER, NCIS, and Desperate Housewives. Majors’ last on-screen role came in 2009 as a guest star in How I Met Your Mother. 

Majors’ family released a statement describing him as ‘loving, artistic, brilliant, and kind’. 

Austin Majors was born in California on 23rd November 1995. He grew up alongside his younger sister, Kali Raglin, who was born on 4th September 1999. 

The identity of Majors’ parents is unclear. After her brother’s death, Kali posted Instagram photos of Austin and his family. We suspect that Majors’ parents feature in the images. 

Majors’ family released a statement celebrating his humanity and career exploits. They told TMZ that Majors graduated from USC’s School of Cinematic Arts ‘with a passion of directing and music producing’. The statement continued:

“Austin’s younger sister, Kali, says her fondest memories with Austing were growing up on set with him, volunteering at events with ‘Kids With a Cause’, and backpacking together. Austin was the kind of son, brother, grandon, and nephew that made us proud and we will miss him deeply forever.”

Kali announced Majors’ death via a social media statement on Facebook and Instagram. On 14th February 2023, she appreciated people’s love for her deceased brother. Kali wrote on Facebook:

“It’s so unreal having to make statements to all these organizations. Austin made an impact on so many people around the world with his acting talent and he would be so comforted to know so many people care and loved him.”