Who makes EzriCare? The eye drops’ Indian-based manufacturer


The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has advised people against using EzriCare Artificial Tears. The eye drops were linked to a drug-resistant bacteria strain that caused vision loss in five people and one death. Pseudomonas aeruginosa, the bacteria strain, was found in 55 people in 12 states and resisted carbapenems, a class of antibiotics generally considered a last resort. 

The CDC advised people who have developed eye infections after using EzriCare Artificial Tears to seek medical attention. The symptoms include discharge from the eye, eye pain, and increased sensitivity to light.

In response to the CDC’s advisory, the eye drops manufacturer recalled the product. 

EzriCare is manufactured by Global Pharma Healthcare, an Indian Company

Global Pharma Healthcare, a pharmaceutical company based in Tamilnadu, India, manufactures EzriCare Artificial Tears. 

The private limited company was incorporated on 16th June 1986. Global Pharma Healthcare’s directors are Juma Venkatesh, Balakrishnan Rajendran, and Manickam Kamalakannan. 

In an emailed statement sent to The New York Times, Global Pharma Healthcare stated it recalled the eye drops ‘out of an abundance of caution’. The statement continued:

“Global Pharma is fully cooperating with U.S. federal authorities, and is continuing to investigate this matter, but thus far we have not determined whether our manufacturing facility is the source of the contamination.”

EzriCare, a drug company headquartered in New Jersey, stated it wasn’t responsible for manufacturing EzriCare Artificial Tears. The company’s statement in response to the recall said Aru Pharma Inc. imports the tear drops into the United States after manufacture by Global Pharma Healthcare. 

The statement reads: “EzriCare, LLC’s only role in introducing the product to the market was to design an exterior label and to market it to our customers. EzriCare, LLC had no role in the formulation, packaging delivery system design or actual manufacturing of this product.”