Why did Indiana leave Dropouts? Her potential return explained

Indiana Massara

Indiana Massara, Jared Bailey, and Zach Justice host the famous Dropouts podcast. The trio tells stories about their families, relationships, encounters with other famous people, funny experiences, and so much more. Their authenticity has endeared them to millions of listeners worldwide. 

For several months, the trio shrunk into a duo, with Indiana absent. Her abrupt departure from the podcast worried fans, who kept asking why Indiana left Dropouts

She returned in March 2023, but we aren’t sure whether it was a one-off or a permanent return to the podcast. 

Indiana left because her relationship with Zach became too toxic

Indiana’s March 2023 return to the Dropouts podcast was not a happy one. The tension in the room was palpable as Indiana geared up to explain why she had left. Zach, often lively and quick to crack a joke, could hardly smile; Jared failed to defuse the tension through humor. 

Indiana explained that she was in a toxic relationship when she met Zach and Jared. Zach and Jared welcomed her into their circle to help her resolve her issues. Indiana said that with her new friends’ help, she left the toxic ex. 

However, she allowed him back into her life and made himself her main priority. Indiana said she started lying to Zach and Jared to spend time with her ex. She said:

“I lied in the sense that I would say that I was going out with friends and I would go meet with him. I mean, fuck. He’d break into my house all the time and I didn’t know how to get him out. I mean there were times that he destroyed my place. Jared was there to clean up.”

When Indiana’s ex got violent, Zach and Jared kicked him out of her house. Zach tried to help Indiana, but she struggled to overcome the trauma from her past relationship. Eventually, Indiana and Zach developed romantic feelings for each other. 

“I was terrified to get myself into something new,” Indiana said. “I just remember falling head over heels in love with you.” The couple started dating, but it seems like the relationship came a little too soon for Indiana: she began treating Zach like her ex treated her. 

“I’m getting treated like I’m trash, like I’m nothing,” Zach said. Zach stated he felt like letting go of Indiana but worried she would crumble if he left her. “Half of it I love you; the other half is if I let go are you gonna let go of yourself? Zach said. 

Eventually, Indiana went home to Australia, ending her relationship with Zach and her time on Dropouts

It’s unclear if Indiana will return permanently to the Dropouts podcast

Indiana revealed that she stayed in Australia longer than she’d planned. She’d traveled to say farewell to her grandfather, which, she said, put things into perspective. “I didn’t want to die being a person that I didn’t like and I didn’t want to continue this circle of hurt,” Indiana said

She apologized to Zach and Jared for the pain she inflicted: “I just hate that I was that person. I hate how hurt I made you feel. I hate that it took losing you both to recognize that but I needed the reality shock.”

Indiana said her co-hosts didn’t kick her out: she stayed away because she wanted to give everyone space to process the events. The social media star said she doesn’t know whether she’ll return to the Dropouts podcast

“I have no idea where we’re going or what the fuck the future holds at this point,” Indiana said. “I have nothing but love for the both of you and I will want for nothing more than your success and your happiness.”

Jared said the trio was trying to navigate an unfamiliar storm. “[We] are just trying to stay afloat,” Jared said. Zach told fans the next episode would make it feel like ‘none of this even happened’. We’ll have to tune in to decipher his vague message.