Why Reducing Children’s Screen Time Is Important?

Social media and mobile phones were created to help people interact with each other. The technologies have exceeded expectations and eased the communication gap of people across the world. However, nowadays, things are not the same. The technology that was once created for the ease of people is now somewhere, disturbing them.

Almost every second person is using social media and ignoring the person sitting next to them. From toddlers to teens and elders, everyone is busy with their phones. Spending some time on your mobile and getting an insight into the world is good, but hanging on to your phone 24/7 does not look ethical.

Remember the time when you used to scold your child because they were always on their phones? Now, the game has entirely changed! You and your child both are on the phones, probably seeing random TikTok or Insta videos or taking some serious cooking class.

Cooking classes are fine as they help your child become a good chef in the future, but how do these random TikTok videos polish your child’s future? If you have a school-going kid and they are addicted to their mobiles, then it’s time for you to limit their screen time.

Limiting The Screen Time Of Children:

Before Covid, parents were concerned about how they could divert their children’s attention from their mobile screens. After Covid, things got worse. That is because, during COVID-19, children were confined to their homes. They couldn’t hang out with their friends or take part in any physical activities outside their homes and ended up relying heavily on their phones.

Mobile phones, laptops, iPads, and PlayStations have all influenced the productivity of children. Children’s grades are badly affected due to their lack of interest in studies. Their sleeping pattern is highly disturbing, i.e., not getting enough sleep. All these issues have raised concerns for parents. The blog is created to help caretakers and parents limit their children’s screen time without getting harsh.

Give Children Appropriate Attention:

Have you seen how your kids watch those tosh videos on TikTok? They watch those videos with such keen interest that they get confused about whether the kid is taking some lecture or they are just listening to some great philosopher. The famous TikTok video grabs the attention of kids.

The attention that should come from you is coming from the video. You should create a space where your child can attentively listen to you, and you can listen to them. When you create such space for your child, their whole focus will shift towards you.

Setting Time Limits:

Whether you have a toddler or a teen, you should be careful of their screen time. It is completely true that you cannot eliminate these gadgets from your child’s life completely, but you can set a time limit for them. Make a timetable for your teen kids and ask them to practice it.

Do not impose your decision on them; instead, help them gradually. Setting a particular time limit will ultimately help your child in taking part in other activities.

➔    Teens And Their Addictions:

There is one thing about teens: they get easily addicted to anything they find fascinating, from cigarettes to mobile phones to other gadgets. Out of so many other addictions, the addiction to smoking is extremely dangerous as it leads to many harmful diseases. To overcome and effectively get rid of tobacco cigarette addiction, encourage them to switch to vape devices.

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On The Whole:

Limiting your children’s screen time helps them become more productive and proactive. When you reduce your child’s screen time, their focus becomes more clear in life.