Who are Ever Anderson’s parents? All about her famous mom and dad

Ever Anderson

Ever Anderson’s role as Wendy Darling in Peter Pan & Wendy is her first lead role following minor roles in Black Widow and Resident Evil: The Final Chapter, in which she appeared alongside her mother, Milla Jovovich. Milla is famous for playing the lead role in the Resident Evil film series. 

Ever Anderson was born to a Russian mother and a British father

Ever Anderson's parents

Ever Anderson was born on 3rd November 2007 to Milla Jovovich and Peter W.S. Anderson. Milla was born in Kyiv to a Russian mother and a Serbian father. She grew up in Moscow before her parents moved to the United States and settled in California. Peter was born and raised in England. 

He told The New York Times that he fell for Milla at first glance in 2000. “She was sitting on the steps outside my office. I thought she was the coolest-looking woman in the world. And I had just seen this really cool truck parked on the street outside — and it was her truck,” Peter said. 

Milla had married twice before she met Peter: her first marriage to actor Shawn Andrews was annulled by her mother; her second marriage to director Luc Beeson ended in divorce in the late 90s.  

Peter and Milla started dating shortly after filming the first Resident Evil film. They had an on-and-off relationship in the early 2000s before committing to each other in 2007. Anderson’s parents married in August 2009, nearly two years after Anderson’s birth. 

Wishing Peter a happy birthday on 4th March 2023, Milla wrote on Instagram that the magic between them never fades. She continued:

“We’ve had so many insane adventures together and we talk about our dreams for the future everyday. He’s the rock our family is built on and I’ve never met someone as devoted to his girls as Paul is. I love you so much baby.”

Anderson’s love for acting sparked while watching her mom and dad on set

“Growing up on my parents’ sets and watching the way films get made has always excited me,” Anderson told Flaunt. She told the outlet that she found it cool that her parents worked in ‘a world of make-believe’. “I like that feeling I get when I’m being someone else,” she added. 

Milla told Entertainment Tonight that Anderson caught the acting bug when she was 5. “She’s grown up on sets with her dad and, you know, it seems like that the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree,” Milla said. 

Having famous parents is surely an advantage in Hollywood, but Anderson sees it differently. Anderson told Flaunt that she feels pressure to prove she deserves her success and she earns the opportunities she gets. She explained:

“I feel like when your mom is an actress and your dad is a director, those are some pretty big shoes to fill. I want to work hard and make my own path so that people don’t only see me as their daughter, but also as someone who has worked for it.”

Anderson told the outlet that she’s failed at auditions. “That is when my parents remind me to dust myself off and keep working at it if acting is what I really want to do,” she said. 

Milla told Entertainment Tonight that she’s terrified of her daughter’s career choice because she knows how difficult the acting industry can be. Conversely, she’s proud that Anderson has found her passion. Milla praised Anderson’s natural acting talent:

“Ever is just such an incredible talent. She’s just a real natural, and it was so wonderful to watch her on set. I mean, literally, she had everybody crying during one of her scenes! She’s amazing.”

Anderson had an acting pro to guide her when auditioning for Peter Pan & Wendy. She told Entertainment Tonight Canada: “My parents gave me some amazing advice going into this. Me and my mom did line readings for the audition.”

Milla signaled that she’s done having children after giving birth to three daughters

Ever Anderson's parents

A year before Anderson arrived, Milla signaled she was ready to start a family. “I’m getting to that place where I want to think about kids and family and stopping the totalitarian machine that is my life,” Milla told People. “I’m 30 now, and I still feel like a kid, but my mother had me when she was 24.”

Milla told People that Milla’s birth wasn’t easy – she was in labor for 72 hours. “I finally went into the hospital and had the epidural,” Milla said. 

Eight years later, Milla and Peter welcomed Dashiel Edan, their second daughter. Before Dashiel’s birth, Milla revealed that Anderson wanted to name her sibling ‘Toilet Bowl’ and didn’t want Dashiel to get new clothes. 

“[Ever] is like, ‘We don’t need to buy her anything, mama. She can just wear all of my old clothes. She doesn’t need anything,’” Milla said. Milla said she was worried about Anderson’s reaction if they got a son. 

Milla got pregnant again in 2017 but had to undergo an emergency abortion for medical reasons. The actor kept her next pregnancy secret for 13 weeks because she wasn’t sure whether she would lose the pregnancy. 

She wrote on Instagram in August 2019 that she didn’t want to get attached to her unborn child. “Thank goodness we’re in the clear AND we found out that we’ve been blessed with another girl!” Milla wrote. 

Osian Lark Elliot was born in early February 2020. Milla wrote on Instagram that the family voted on the name Lark. While wishing Osian a happy third birthday on Instagram, Milla wrote that she was done having children. “She [Osian] is my rainbow baby, my last and final human creation,” Milla stated. 

Anderson told Flaunt that though her siblings annoy her sometimes, she enjoys being the big sister. “I also like feeling that I’m responsible for my sisters when my parents aren’t home – that I’m the one they look up to,” Anderson said.