Andy McQueen’s ethnicity — His surprising heritage

Andy McQueen

The treasure hunt continues in Outer Banks, and this time, there’s a new villain for John B and his crew to worry about: Carlos Singh, a ruthless Caribbean Don determined to expand his riches.

McQueen is a relatively famous actor in Canada. He was nominated for Best Supporting Actor at the 8th Canadian Screen Awards for his performance in Disappearance at Clifton Hill. McQueen also plays Detective Malik Abed in the Canadian crime drama show Coroner

McQueen’s role in Outer Banks has exposed him to a global audience. Let’s find out more about his ethnicity and upbringing. 

Andy McQueen is Guyanese and Canadian; he grew up in Canada. 

Andy McQueen was born on 2nd March 1991 in Canada. According to McQueen’s Instagram page, he is Canadian and Guyanese.

Guyana is a South American country bordering the Atlantic Ocean, Brazil, Venezuela, and Suriname. Though the country is physically part of South America, Guyana is culturally Caribbean rather than Latin American.

As with many successful actors, Andy’s parents likely supported his acting dreams. In December 2015, McQueen told KindaTV that he always knew that he wanted to become an actor. 

After studying acting in art school, Andy joined the university to study political science. 

Outer Banks may give McQueen the big break he needs to become a global star. Few doubt that he has the talent and temperament to make it. After working with McQueen in Disappearance at Clifton Hill, actor Eric Johnson told BriefTake:

“Somebody who I would absolutely love to work with again is Andy McQueen. He’s a phenomenal actor, a wonderful person, and an incredible talent who we are going to be seeing a lot from in the near future. He’s not only a wonderful performer but an incredible human being too.”